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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  September 25, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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breaking. two more arrests. the wood which high school the ballplayer stabbed to death in a park this weekend. will he say his best stuff from a dispute over drug dealing. new developments in the deadly attack in nairobi, canada. they are helping search for bodies, as well as evidence and the collapsed mall. the death toll stands at 67 but expected to rise as more bodies are found. attack toldhind the the associated press that foreigners were a legitimate target. u.n. inspectors are headed back
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to serious today to complete an investigation into whether chemical weapons were used on civilians. theu.s. and allies say president's regime was behind last month's deadly attack near damascus. in the meantime, rebel groups say they reject the western- backed coalition authorities since it no longer represents their interest. it is officially over just minutes ago. histor ted cruz ended marathon stand against obamacare. karen travers reports. tedterday at 2:41 pm. cruz started talking on the senate floor. >> most americans could not give a flying flip -- >> redneck rule number one, most things can be fixed with the tapes and extension cords. >> i am a big fan of eating white castle. toeven read a bedtime story
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his daughter watching back home in texas. he is trying to do a a vote on the government spending bill and also pushing for the defunding of the president's health care law. on government will shut down october 1. that is if congress does not approve new funding. the house will pass a bill that will keep inc. up and running temporarily but completely defund obamacare. tactics are really delaying the inevitable. they are all but certain just bend -- send a spending bill back to the house. then it is up to the house. >> when people see they can get high quality affordable health care for less than their cell phone bill, they will sign up.
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they will likely send it back monday just hours before the shutdown deadline. >> a live look now at the national zoo. we will have more details on that coming up a little bit later in the newscast. now know exactly when capital bike share is expanding to rockville. that program will launch friday and will include 21 stations in the rock hill shady grove area. it is also coming to bethesda and silver spring. ating a live look outside the spectacular weather continuing. may not be a bad day to get out there and fight. >> phenomenal. a great day to get out there.
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breathe in the fresh air. a light northeasterly wind. in the upper 60s. hagerstown in gaithersburg. manassas at 78. 72 in culpepper. clouds out there this morning that aided in an unbelievable sunrise, which i will share with you coming up in just a little bit. there are some showers. that is where the high clouds have been coming from. your forecast looking fantastic for that area and northern parts of the country. >> thank you. noon, a plan that could change
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prince george's county. it is not a done deal. mgm revealing its plans for a brand-new casino. live at national harbor where the news conference just wrapped up. a done is the key, not deal yet. still three companies fighting for the license to potentially put a casino on this property on national harbor that would have a similar view to what is behind you. here is a look at the video presentation. trying to take a proactive stance and put out an image of what the casino would look like as they continue to make the investment into convincing them to give them the licensing. it would likely be made by the end of the year. as far as size, one millions were put casino when you add in the parking am a which will be underground or in closed. you would not see any of that. talking about 1.7 million square feet.
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if you compare that to signature properties in las vegas, the bellagio, about twice the size. they said the difference is the bellagio is a 4000 room hotel, and a hotel with this project will be a 10th of that size, 400 rooms. now, as for why here and the approach they are trying to take to separate themselves from the competition, they said they really want to make this a destination location. >> the best way to do that is to create something of an international press deeds that people will seek out, not to just move money from one slot barn to another come up but actually have people come from outside of the state to enjoy all of what maryland has to offer. capitalize on the whole region, and that just part of here. again, the decision would likely
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be made by the end of the year as part of the licensing agreement. thanost, expecting more $800 million into the casino. the maind be between streets and shops of national harbor and the shopping mall that is expected to open just after thanksgiving. >> thank you very much. and just about 90 minutes we are expecting to learn new information about the navy yard shooting. ae fbi ndc police are holding news conference to release new --ails about the at shooting. meanwhile, two more victims being laid to rest today. service for arthur daniels underway right now at community oh and hillcrest heights. coming up, a rabies warning in maryland. have discovered the
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dangerous reckon. the technology that government once and all new cars. the pope mixes silence. we will tell you what he says about the allegations he covered up child sex abuse.
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>> you are watching abc seven news at noon on your side. for the mosque in virginia beach will begin by spring. the city council gave the green light yesterday. some neighbors opposed the plan saying they are more concerned about traffic than religion. more than 12,000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer each year in the u.s., and for thousand of them die from it. to ae introducing you local woman who has survived this and now working to make sure the numbers go down. >> when it comes to gynecological cancers, perhaps cervical cancer being the one talked about the most. bring you one woman's
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story entire she says it can happen to anyone. all over is the joy of their mother's life. she had the twins a few months before she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. >> a month later i had a radical hysterectomy. she said she knew something was wrong when she had random pleading not associated with her monthly. . at first i spurs did not know it was cancer. >> i walked out of the office knowing something was wrong. >> even more confusing, her pap smear came back clear. it was not clear at first that her type of cancer is very rare. -- itwas not aggressive was a very aggressive him a fast-growing. havewith cervical cancer slow-growing and nonaggressive
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cancer. >> we now know hpv is the cause of potentially a lot of devastating cancers that if caught early can be cured. >> after her surgery, she had several rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. she finished the treatment in march and is looking forward to living a cancer-free life. >> as hard as it is with twins, i am so grateful i have them. >> she is sharing her story so women will be their own advocate for getting annual exams. coming forward and talking about them. that has to change. this will continue to take women's lives. >> danielle will participate in the race to end women's cancer. you can join her and other women on november heard in the
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district. all morning now about a rabid raccoon discovered at a park. the animal was found september 20. health officials say anyone who came into contact with that raccoon needs to call the health department. if your pets encountered a raccoon, call animal control. dirty one confirmed cases of rabies so far this year. the federal government says it will add rearview video systems to the list of recommended features for automakers. two point five years after congress opposed to 2011 deadline for the national traffic safety administration to issue a rule on rear visibility. advocate groups into parents expected to file a lawsuit today over the very issue. they want the court to issue a mandatory rule within 90 days. the start of autumn, but the
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city of gaithersburg preparing for winter. friendlyo, a teambuilding competition for the public works people. an award ceremony is held after the event. >> that is pretty cool. >> you like the sound of a little snow, don't you? rule out what we have right now because it is gorgeous. >> it is unbelievable. i captured of time lapse. you have to check this out. it is incredible. look at the vibrant pinks and oranges and yellows. ofly does look like a box crayola 64 crayons exploded. it really was such a beautiful sunrise.
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i have so many pictures from our facebook friends. if you ever have any pictures, feel free to send them to us there. this is from culpeper. michelle sent us this. just unbelievable. the reason we have these beautiful sunrise is is because the sun is at such a low angle, it scatters the light. it was gorgeous this morning. very all-like. temperatures generally started off in the 40s. now climbing nicely to the upper 60s. 70 degrees at reagan national. 56 in winchester. a little bit cooler in the higher spots in petersburg west virginia. cloud stemming from an area of low pressure just off to our south.
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high-pressure selloff to our north bringing us a light, northeasterly breeze. adding a little bit of moisture to the air where we will see high clouds through the remainder of the day today and overnight tonight in the first half of the day tomorrow. and not beat the forecast this afternoon. 73 -- 88 degrees. a little bit above average. overnight tonight partly cloudy. tomorrow morning another beautiful sunrise. not quite as chile. 49-57 degrees. tomorrow a few clouds and seasonable highs in the middle 70s with the light, easterly winds. this trend will keep going into the weekend. rain.ld use more i do not see much in the way of the forecast. it loses the steam and all the up.ture is apt otherwise, beautiful conditions.
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we have been talking earlier about a possible coastal storms late in the weekend but does not look like it will amount to anything and will not impact us. >> that is good to hear. coming up on abc seven news at noon, the new rules about what kind of tattoos they allow in the village terry. a live look at the panda cam. will it be a victim of a government shutdown?
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>> a school bus crash in maryland left several students -- and a woman airlifted. the bus was headed to ignore point in an suv hit it davis road this morning. the mostriver had significant injuries. is expected to be ok. the bus driver and some of the students were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. you will have to wait even longer if you want to take a road test. most until canceled october 11. about 800 customers will be affected by the change. the dmv flaming a staffing
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shortage. -- blaming a staffing shortage. the secretary of the army is about to sign off on strict new rules regarding tattoos and grooming for soldiers. under the new policy, new recruits will not be allowed to have tattoos that show below the elbow and knees or above the neckline. they will be required to pay for the removal that violates the policy. this is expected to be policy and 30-60 days. firstddict making his published comments since stepping down. making hisedict first published comments since stepping down. called survivors network of those abused by priests is skeptical. in a statement the group said in the entire history, no one knew
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more but did less to protect kids than benedict. april.e resigned in he was in conclusion behind saint peters basilica.
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>> take a look, a live image at -- foreason to get congress to get its act together. the national zoo would be close
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to the public as part of the cuts. while the animal would be taken -- that was not it. >> run by volunteers. it looks like they have been hiccuping. >> it looks like it. >> we really are. we are just watching. it. cannot get enough of just like you cannot get enough of the seven-day forecast. seasonable and perfect fall weather in my opinion. middle 70s for the daytime highs. mesmerizing. just like the baby panda. >> thank
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